Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)

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For seniors with the financial means, a Continuing Care Retirement Community(CCRC) may be the ideal senior living option to “age in place.” CCRCs are a combination independent living, assisted living, and nursing home.

Today’s seniors have access to more types of care than ever – and that’s a good thing!  CCRCs are one of the most ideal types for those who want as close to a home setting as they can get. This is a form of independent living, but it also incorporates part skilled nursing care and assisted living services.  If an individual needs more services over the long term, they can obtain them.

Perhaps the most desirable component of a CCRC is that healthy adults can live within these communities in an apartment.  They live independently as long as they want to or can. This creates a high level of independence and quality of life. Over time, when they begin to need help, it is there for them. They may move to an assisted living or skilled nursing area as their needs change.

CCRCs give seniors the ability to live within the same community through their life. Adults remain comfortable and familiar with the people, surroundings, and the services. They maintain the same quality of life, activities, and interactions with their neighbors. Again, this improves quality of life and directly helps seniors to feel more comfortable and at ease. It also helps family members to know their loved one isn’t moving from one location to the next and is maintaining the same level of care.

Services offered include health services, meals, personal care, housekeeping, transportation, and emergency help. In addition, the communities are full of social and educational activities.

Because CCRCs are an “all-in-one”, there is a greater level of comfort for residents. And children of the parents enjoy a greater peace of mind knowing that all their parents’ needs from housekeeping to medical care are taken care of.

Residents also benefit from added services such as transportation to their appointments, to go shopping, or to other locations. They also can enjoy various programs such as social activities, educational activities, and outings. These differ from one location to the next. However, because these are full communities with numerous amenities to offer residents at all levels, they tend to offer more of the versatile needs that residents want.

CCRCs are the best of all senior living options because they allow residents to “age in place”. This gives both the resident and the resident’s loved ones added peace of mind.


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