9 assisted living activities any golden gal (or guy) will love!

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For a long time, the activities that were offered at most assisted living facilities were limited, to say the least. Outside of occasional bingo nights and Bible studies, assisted living facilities didn't usually offer much in terms of entertainment for seniors.

But that has all changed in recent years. These days, there are so many different assisted living activities for seniors to take part in when they live in assisted living facilities. Most seniors end up being more active in their respective facilities than they were prior to moving into them.

Would you like to learn about some of the assisted living activities that your loved one will be able to enjoy when they move into a facility? Take a look at 9 senior-approved assisted living activities below.


1. Walking

There are a lot of seniors who have a hard time getting around. For them, walking might not be the most fun thing in the world.

But there are also many seniors who enjoy getting out in the world and walking around in it. As a result, many assisted living facilities have walking clubs set up. These clubs are designed to allow seniors to enjoy the many benefits of walking on a regular basis.

Walking can improve seniors' heart health and lower their blood sugar. It can also reduce pain and give their mental health a big boost. It's a simple but fun activity for the seniors who enjoy going on walks.

2. Yoga

When you close your eyes and imagine a room full of people doing yoga, the people that you see are probably on the younger side. Yoga isn't something that's usually associated with the elderly population.

But more and more assisted living facilities are offering yoga to residents. There are actually quite a few yoga instructors who specialize in teaching yoga to seniors. They can even help those stuck in wheelchairs to participate in yoga movements and stretches.

3. Wii

Initially, the idea of seniors playing video games might sound silly. Video games are usually thought of as being for young kids and teenagers.

But, in fact, more than 50 percent of Americans over the age of 50 play video games. Many older Americans enjoy playing card and puzzle video games.

They also enjoy playing the Nintendo Wii, because it allows them to stay active without having to go to the gym or go outside. There are many Wii games that are perfect for the senior crowd. It's why it's become one of the most popular assisted living activities over time.

4. Karaoke

Every now and then, it's good for seniors to let their hair down and have some fun. They might not be able to hit the clubs or bars anymore, but that doesn't mean they can't turn a regular old Tuesday night into a party.

Assisted living facilities have started to inject some life into their assisted living activities by holding special karaoke events. During these events, those who are so inclined can sing their favorite songs and show off their vocals to their fellow residents.

5. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is something that a lot of people say they're going to do throughout the course of their lives. But more often than not, they never get around to it because they simply don't have the time.

People have more than enough time to scrapbook once they move into an assisted living facility, though, and with the proper guidance, they're able to get their scrapbooking endeavors underway. They can put together scrapbooks that tell the stories of their lives and give them to their families for safekeeping.

6. Cooking

Many assisted living facilities give theirB residents limited access to the kitchen. This can be a real bummer for those who enjoy showing off their cooking skills.

But every now and then, these facilities will open up their kitchens to residents so that they can learn new recipes and show everyone what they can do on the stove.

7. Pet Therapy

For years now, different groups have been bringing dogs and cats intoB assisted living facilities to mingle with the residents. Studies have shown that there is a wide range of benefits that come along with interactions between humans of all ages and dogs and cats.

But there are also many assisted living facilities taking things to the next level these days. Rather than waiting for groups to bring pets for visits, they're getting actual pets for residents so that they can interact with them day in and day out.

These pets include everything from cats and fish to bunny rabbits and even miniature ponies. It's an excellent way for people to feel like they have pets without having the added responsibility that comes along with owning one.

8. Gardening

Gardening is yet another activity that many seniors enjoy. It allows them to get outside and get some fresh air while planting flowers, vegetables, and more.

But the problem that many seniors face is that they have a hard time tending to regular gardens. So assisted living facilities have started to build senior-friendly gardens and provide them with special helpers capable of meeting their gardening needs.

This gives seniors a chance to continue gardening well into their golden years.

9. Learning

Nothing keeps a senior person's mind as sharp as taking a class on a subject that interests them. It helps them to develop parts of their brain that they may not have used in a while.

Assisted living facilities now offer everything from computer courses to college classes right inside of their facilities. Seniors can learn from experts in different fields and pursue their passions. It's a great way to keep people excited about learning.


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