Companion Living

Companion Living at Hudson Hills matches residents with a common background or interests to share a suite. This living arrangement can serve as the foundation to a friendship as well as provide a financial benefit for residents as they take advantage of all The Hudson Hills Signature Experience has to offer.

The Benefits of a Special Bond

Hudson Hills Companion Living encourages residents to build new relationships and can significantly improve quality of life, as the bond that develops between roommates can contribute to their peace of mind and emotional well-being. Some additional benefits of this unique program may include:

  • A more affordable Assisted Living option
  • An easier transition into the community
  • Relief from feelings of isolation and depression
  • Increased confidence and self-worth
  • More opportunities for making new friends and staying social

All Companion Living residents also enjoy the high-quality resident-centered care families have come to expect from Hudson Hills. And, we regularly meet with residents and their families to help ensure everyone is continually pleased with their suite arrangements.