Nearly all residents at Hudson Hills Senior Living would recommend the community to a friend. Here’s what else they had to say about the rewarding lifestyle at Hudson Hills Senior Living.


Hudson Hills is first-class and deserves every one of the stars I gave them! I have been VERY impressed with the attention and compassion they have shown to my elderly aunt. As you walk around the facility, you can witness time and time again little gestures of kindness. You get a strong sense that the staff truly cares about the residents. My aunt has been living at Hudson Hills for a little over six months. Before we chose this facility, my husband and I did extensive research and visited many of the other facilities close to our home in northern New Jersey. Hudson Hills was considerably less expensive than their competitors, and is THE BEST value for the money in the area. To top it all off, the view of the Manhattan skyline from my aunt's room is breathtaking. I will recommend Hudson Hills to all my friends with aging loved ones.

Isabelle Dayton


My grandmother has lived at Hudson Hills for over 5 years and I am intimately involved in her life. I visit her every week, and have watched the community get lifted back up in only a few short months! Since the new owners took over earlier this year, the care and quality has improved dramatically. The new owners (brother and sister team) are hands-on and REALLY care. I have both of their cell numbers and have called several times during the transition to report bumps.

The cost to live at Hudson Hills is substantially lower than competitors. Most importantly, though, the environment is stimulating (lots of activities) the nursing team is amazing and the food is very good. My grandmother is very happy with the recent change in ownership. I have no idea what the comments below are referring to.

Kendall Sharp


My Mom lived in Brandywine in Mahwah and transferred here in June 2016. She is doing better now than when she arrived at Hudson Hills. At 85 years old and a stroke survivor I think this is amazing. That in itself deserves 5 stars. The recreation department does a fantastic job. Angie and Maranda are both engaging and caring. They truly love the residents and Hudson Hills is fortunate to have them. The food is generally very good. The new owners are doing their best to upgrade the facility. So far so good. When there is a concern the owner personally will address it promptly if she is notified. Most of the aides are excellent. Most importantly I feel confident that my mom is being well taken care of and she is happy which gives me peace of mind.

Linda Azzollini


I toured here last week. Very impressive senior community. The facilities were very clean and the staff made me feel very welcomed. My dad will most likely be moving here as soon as we sell the house.

Patricia Somers

Beautiful facility great community 10 mins from NYC.

Vicky Sabotic

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